Ribdeck 1

The narrow width and self-locking design of Ribdeck 1 provide an excellent mechanical bond into the concrete slab and make the decks easy to handle and install. Ribdeck 1 also features patented shear side holes, which allow the easy insertion of steel bars by eliminating the need to manually puncture holes using steel deck installers. It is also the only steel decking system that can handle a two-way slab design.

Ribdeck 1 can also double as a ceiling due to its flat surface design, eliminating the need for gypsum boards and ceiling frames.

Ribdeck 2

The exceptional spanning capability of Ribdeck 2 reduces concrete use, making this steel decking option an attractive and highly cost-effective floor solution. Its self-locking rib design eliminates the need for tek screws, making installation a breeze.

Ribdeck 3

We reengineered Ribdeck 1 to provide the widest coverage while maintaining its patented shear hole design that allows for a 2-way slab setup.