This multi-purpose spandrel and cladding is made from high grade steel coated with a corrosion-resistant zinc alloy and stoving epoxy polyester paints. Cladstar comes in either solid colors or simulated wood finishes so it is perfect for a wide range of interior and exterior applications such as ceilings, sidings and fascias. It’s easy to install, requires minimal maintenance and has a long service life.

C- Frame (light gauge steel framing system)

Specially designed to work well with all types of gypsum and fiber cement boards, the C-Frame light gauge steel framing system is great for all sorts of ceiling applications.

Using clay roof tiles? The C-Frame furring channel can also be used as a roof batten.

Flexiwall studs and tracks (dry wall framing system)

Just like the C-Frame, this is also a light gauge steel framing system but for dry wall applications. It is fire-proof, termite-resistant and will not rot like traditional wood framing.