Excelroof® pre-painted steel roofing combines the superior strength of steel, the corrosion resistance and protection of a continuous galvanized steel coating, and a unique paint system specially formulated to resist fading, rusting, flaking and even heat, thanks to its Solar Reflective Pigments (SRP). All these allow each coil to maintain its color for up to 25 years, even in the very hot and humid climate of Southeast Asia.

The classic elegance of ceramic tile roofing, the strength and practicality of galvanized steel—this is what Tilestar is all about. Its patented revolutionary design is capable of full side overlapping, preventing water seepage even during sudden spikes in water levels.


Ribstar is a line of pre-painted roofing products designed to withstand serious punishment. Its zinc-aluminum coating allows each coil to retain its original finish despite severe weather conditions. Its rigid profile gives each coil a longer spanning capacity while maintaining optimum rainfall drain-off volume. Its high tensile strength coupled with the support of double stiffeners on each rib allows it to handle greater loads.

Each Ribstar coil can also double as a wall cladding for certain structures.


Perfect for both traditional and contemporary designs, Corrstar’s corrugated profile can be used for roofing and walling applications. It is also perfect as an undersheeting/underlay for cement or clay roofing materials.


As the name suggests, this line is specially designed for projects that require a curved roof, such as gymnasiums and basketball courts. Curv-A-Star is available in corrugated and ribbed profiles.

Starlock 680

Versatility is one of the key features of this profile. It combines the strength of steel with smart fluted pans, lock-action rib design and concealed fastening, making it perfect for low-pitched roofs and vertical and horizontal ribbed walling.

The concealed fasteners also eliminate water leaks and prevent the rusting of screws.”

Starlock W-Rib 110

With a specially designed high rib profile, concealed fastening system and electrical seaming, this profile ensures the total waterproof protection of buildings with the strictest requirements. It uses the S-hook lock system to prevent panels from snapping from the bracket. It is easy to lift and install even at longer lengths. Its high rib design allows it to be used on roofs with slopes as low as 2 degrees.