Feature Excelroof Other Brands
Resistant to flaking
Resistant to fading
Resistant to rusting
Resistant to weathering and chalking
Resistant to most chemical and solvents
With EnergySave Solar Reflectance Technology
to resist heat and up to 70% of UV radiation
Flexiprime High Grade Rust-inhibitive Primer
on top and bottom sides
FLEXIKOTE 1000 paint coating
(versus ordinary polyester)*
Coating thickness meets or exceeds
industry standards
Comes with a warranty up to 25 years
Warranty covers color fading
Custom color options
Comes with money back guarantee
Made from structural grade steel
Manufactured locally by a US Green
Building Council member**
*FLEXIKOTE 1000 helps make paints more resistant to UV radiation and rusting.
**The US Green Building Council is a non-profit organization that advocates sustainability in building design, construction and operation.